Python and generic programming

Hans Nowak hans at
Fri Oct 22 17:38:28 CEST 2004

Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Type checking at compile time does _not_ necessarily require
> static typing.
> For a counter example, look at O'Caml.  It is a dynamically
> typed functional language (using type inference, pattern
> matchingetc.) with compile-time type checking.

OCaml is statically typed.  This from

"""Abstract:  Objective Caml is a general purpose programming language 
that combines functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming. 
The language is statically typed; its type system ensures the correct 
evaluation of programs. Types are automatically inferred. The language 
offers powerful constructions such as user-definable data-types, the 
ability to define functions by pattern-matching, and an exception 
mechanism. Programming in the large is facilitated by a full-fledge 
class-based object-oriented layer and an expressive module system."""


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