The IDE question

dataangel k04jg02 at
Sun Oct 10 07:40:07 CEST 2004

Byron wrote:

> Hi DA,
> I don't know if you will find this to be helpful, but one of my 
> favorite IDEs is DrPython, which is free and allows you to have 
> multiple files open at the same time.  Check it out...
> Byron
> ---
> dataangel wrote:
>> I'm trying to find an IDE for python that I'm comfortable with. For 
>> my needs IDLE actually works 99% of the time, but on my current 
>> project I need to have lots of files open at once, and I would really 
>> prefer to have tabbed browsing. I'd even try to code this into IDLE 
>> myself but I have no experience with Tk.
>> All of the IDEs I've found (google + python wiki page) are either A) 
>> Commercial or B) Written for either an older version of python or 
>> wxPython or C) Are syntax highlighting in eclipse and that's it.
>> All I'm really looking for is the equivalent of IDLE with tabbed 
>> browsing. Anyone have any suggestions?
DrPython seems to be just what I'm looking for -- after a few bugs are 
fixed and the open file window is improved. I can't open files on 
computers on my local network because there's no mechanism to do that, I 
can't type in my own path (doesn't respond to me typing it in and 
hitting enter), and shortcuts to folders don't show up. I also managed 
to find a bug that consistenly makes my system hang :P

I'm e-mailing them the bugs, but overall the best IDE I've tried so far :D

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