Tracking Users By IP Address

Michael Sparks zathras at
Sat Oct 9 11:31:40 CEST 2004

Paul Rubin wrote:

> Michael Sparks <zathras at> writes:
>> Suppose the following user groups:
>>    * Refuse all cookies - can't use cookies to track, IP isn't 100%
>>      reliable.
>>    * Users accept all cookies, don't care - ideal candidates for sampling
>>    * Users generally have cookies enabled, but don't like being tracked.
> There are some users who block cookies, but they're rare enough that
> using cookies is more reliable than using IP addresses.  Also, if
> you're just looking at page views, you don't need persistent cookies,
> just session cookies.

The OP was talking about tracking users, so _personally_ I would suggest
persistent cookies of some sort. I'm not a fan of tracking at all myself,
which is why I'll tend to suggest to people the idea of an opt-out/opt-in
mechanism like the one I suggested - although IMO the fact you only send
these things to people you know can handle cookies correctly helps
somewhat. :-) Also given the OP had a UK email address if he is tracking
users by IP he has to put a notice up on his website that users can find
very easily informing them that this is the case. (EU regulation)



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