Using pickle with setattr

dataangel k04jg02 at
Wed Oct 13 05:43:18 CEST 2004

For the project I'm working on right now I'm dealing with a lot of class 
objects that I plan to be changing at run-time through the 
get/has/setattr functions. I'm wondering whether or not the standard 
Pickle module will handle this or not -- will an object pickle correctly 
if it has methods that are not in its original class definition? The 
wiki tells me it doesn't work correctly if you save an object of a 
class, then change that class and load the object. That I'm not planning 
to do -- I'm changing the attributes of the object itself.

If it won't, what are my options? Also, is there a module available for 
saving the complete state of an object such that it is loadable without 
the python source for the original class?

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