replace 'apply' with extended call

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Mon Oct 25 16:35:02 CEST 2004

"Alan G Isaac" <aisaac at> wrote in message
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> This raises another (newbie) question that I had.
> Take a trivial example:
> from operator import truth
> bool1 = lambda lst: map(truth, lst)
> def bool2(lst): return map(truth,lst)
> def bool3(lst): return [truth(_) for _ in lst]
> To my eyes, the most natural is bool2.
> I would never have considered bool1 if
> I had not come across it in the Merz book,
> but it is both shortest and clear.
> I include bool3 just for comparison: I think
> the way in which it is harder to read illustrates
> the usefulness of 'map'.

You find bool3 *harder* to read?  I guess that just illustrates what a
wonderfully diverse world we live in.

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