[OT] problems with css, moinmoin standalone and Firefox on Win32 was Re: webserverless Python Wiki Engines: do they exists?

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 02:30:57 CEST 2004

On Fri, 08 Oct 2004 19:54:03 -0400, Brian van den Broek
<bvande at po-box.mcgill.ca> wrote:
> Anything look obviously wrong? Mind if I had a peek at your moin_config.py?

I'm really sorry, but íts not possible to me to check it *now*. I'll
see if I can send to you in pvt some info, but no promises -- I'm
really in a hurry now. BTW...
[Irmen de Jong]
> Are you sure that the server is sending the correct Content-Type 
> HTTP header for the css files? Firefox refuses to load css files in
> standard compliance mode when the content-type is not text/css.

That's a possible cause... because the simple web server isn't really
that careful when it comes to headers, etc. Worth a check.

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