ActivePython/IIS Request Concurrency

Erik Rose psuspam at
Mon Oct 4 20:22:29 CEST 2004

Robert Brewer wrote:

> Insanity is in the mind's eye of the beholder. ;) All I can tell you is
> that I don't have that problem. But I'm not using ActivePython, just 
> + pywin32. My first thought was that the "application protection"
> setting in IIS (process isolation, essentially) might be the culprit,
> but I tried all three settings without any difficulties on your 
> script. :(

:(? More like :-D! I'm not particularly in love with ActivePython; 
rather, I thought it was the only solution for ASP-embedded Python. 
Reading a little about pywin32, I see this allusion in one of its 
source distributions' readmes (pywin32-202/com/win32com/readme.htm):

"Python continues to work fine as an Active Scripting Engine in all 
other applications, including Windows Scripting Host, and ASP."

My stars! Could it be that pywin32 is sufficient to allow Python as a 
full-fledged ASP language? Is this how you're using it, i.e. not as a 
CGI or anything? If it works for you, I'm perfectly happy (ecstatic, 
actually) to match my setup to yours.

Now very hopefully,
Erik Rose
Pennsylvania State University

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