reverse Jython

Maurice LING mauriceling at
Wed Oct 20 23:33:14 CEST 2004

> The latter is an aspect on which we _definitely_ plan to do much better
> in the future, btw -- we have ambitious projects for dissemination of
> information, enhanced documentation, easing the use of pypy for all sort
> of teaching and research support.  But that doesn't resolve your issue
> wrt the "suitable as part of academic work" (=="detached from real-world
> usefulness"); we definitely DO plan to be real-world meaningful!-)

Please don't get me wrong. Academic work need not be detached from 
real-world usefulness, in fact, academic work should have the potential 
to solve real-world problems. I guess it is the time. I think that 
academics should tackle real-world issues when a self-sustaining level 
of core competency is there. It is certainly more difficult to craft an 
academic question out of a real-world situation than to craft one out of 
nothing. The latter can even be a case of grabbing a hypothetical 
question from a text-book...


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