Encouraging Python adoption in your organization

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> Now, I've inherited an environment which is windows-centric, lacking
> in knowledge about scripting, and somewhat sub-standard in terms of
> productivity. I've also inherited a set of pre-existing systems which
> I have to deal with and manage:
> - Peoplesoft ERP
> - Java webframework based on webwork/hibernate/jboss/mysql
> - Lotus Notes/Domino
> Given this context, I'm mulling over strategies to encourage the
> productivity-enhancing benefits and 'joy' of python scripting to my
> developers. Of course, I'd rather be persuasive than coercive.
> Any ideas?
> Many Thanks.
I would recommend to couple the changes to the "hot" topics of the rest of
the organisation. In other words the important and urgent needs. I have
written a short article about this: "From Legacy to State-of-the-art;
Architectural Refactoring"
Besides I would make sure that you promote Python by showing its true value:
high productivity.Do not start to re-implement existing solutions in Python
if there is no clear benefit for the rest of the organisation.

kind regards, Gerrit Muller

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