Emacs is going to die! =( [was Re: Emacs + python (Was Re: python is going to die! =()

G. S. Hayes sjdevnull at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 22:34:37 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio <ville at spammers.com> wrote in message news:<du7oejm39yl.fsf at lehtori.cc.tut.fi>...
>     David> I do see the possibility, but the Eclipse community is
>     David> going to have to more eagerly embrace the non-Java world.
> Indeed. I think we just need to give it some time. As it stands, the
> potential for the passing of time to actually amounting to something
> seems much better for Eclipse than it appears to be for Emacs.

Unless Eclipse will run on terminal it's not really an option for a
lot of developers.  I know I've done a substantial amount of my dev
work on remote servers via ssh at each of my last 3 jobs (mostly at
Web/Web services companies, one data mining/visualization firm).  The
beautiful thing about Vim (the same would apply to Emacs) is that
it'll run with all kinds of fancy bells and whistles (language/context
sensitive menus and syntax highlighting/tooltips/etc) when I'm running
on the local desktop, but I don't lose most of the core functionality
when I do some work on terminal.  Help text may pop up in the status
bar instead of tooltips, but it essentially "feels" like the same
environment, with the same integration with my build and test systems,

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