Is there a "Large Scale Python Software Design" ?

Andrea Griffini agriff at
Mon Oct 18 22:06:27 CEST 2004

I did it.

I proposed python as the main language for our next CAD/CAM
software because I think that it has all the potential needed
for it. I'm not sure yet if the decision will get through, but
something I'll need in this case is some experience-based set
of rules about how to use python in this context.

For example... is defining readonly attributes in classes
worth the hassle ? Does duck-typing scale well in complex
software or should I go for a classic inheritance hierarchy ?

In other words... is there something like the classic "Large
Scale C++ Software Design" (Lakos) for python ? I'm not
looking for a bible, but lessons learned from someone that
already went down this path could be quite interesting.

Any suggestions/pointers are welcome.


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