Help required with mod_python and apache virtual hosts

andy andy at
Fri Oct 1 00:13:07 CEST 2004


I'm trying to get mod_python working on my web server, but I'm running
into problems, possibly due to having virtual hosts configured.

I'm no apache guru (newbie is more accurate!) so I could easily be doing
something wrong.  The apache configuration is further complicated by
having an include file for each virtual host, so the config isn't
actually *in* the main apache conf file!

I've read through several tutorials, but they all seem to deal with a
much simpler setup than I have.  I *could* throw away the current config
and start again, but I'd inevitably break more than I fixed!

So, are there any mod_python experts out there willing to put up with
some daft questions?

I live in hope ;-) 

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