Python in Process Control?

Wolfgang Keller wolfgang.keller.nospam at
Fri Oct 1 15:06:25 CEST 2004


> Such things don't necessarily float into open source.

Well, Python is pretty common in the university world, so I had thought
that quite a few people have already done lots of things with it and maybe
with a little bit of luck published one or the other basic module...

There seem to be some Python bits out there, for example MatPLC and
Lintouch use Python and some commercial products as well (PyDACHS), but
unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a more or less consistent library
for industrial automation or a coordinated effort to build up one.

> OPC is just DCOM,

Well, if it is sooo easy, why has noone done a freeware twisted OPC module
yet...? >;->

To start with I "just" need to "emulate" an OPC server to play around a
little bit with a SCADA package, so everything more than importing a module
and instantiating an OPC server class with a few lines is a little bit over
my head...

(Could it be that I'm a little bit pampered by the vast Python module
collection available for other domains than industrial automation...? >:->)

> which should work directly w/ Python+pywin32 extensions

I have the PythonWin IDE here at work.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Keller

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