Python vs PHP (mod_python vs. mod_php)

Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at
Tue Oct 26 12:49:05 CEST 2004

> Python is just a plain better language.  I use both
> PHP and Python heavily and finishing the same task in
> Python takes half the time in most cases, if not less.
> Unfortunately, mod_python deployment is a minute fraction
> of that of mod_php, and that is why Python is way less
> popular as a server-side scriptiong solution.
> Doing some research on why this is so reveals some 2-3
> year old posts that mention that it takes more effort to
> configure mod_python for stability and security on shared
> web hosts.
Just my 2c:
I am using mod_scgi (with 
Quixote), and this is a *very* stable solution. The application runs in 
a SCGI process, which is independent of Apache. If you modify the 
application code, SCGI process needs to be restarted. But Apache never 
needs to be restarted, and the configuration is very-very simple:
<Location />
   	SCGIServer 4001
   	SCGIHandler On
In this example, Apache passes all requests to SCGI application running 
on port 4001.

The longest running scgi process on the server I have right now, is 6 
months old... (it had to be restarted 6 months ago due to code 
modification :-)


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