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Fri Oct 1 14:03:52 CEST 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 21:11:31 GMT, rumours say that Anna Martelli
Ravenscroft <anna at> might have written:

>> Alex, you are 99% correct.  Leave a 1% chance that Max referred to
>> "julio" as "it"... :)  Trolls are genderless!
>Sorry, Christos. Alex was correct: "its" is the appropriate usage here. 
>"it's" is a contraction of "it is", and NOT the possessive form of it. 
>Furthermore, Alex was quite kind in *not* correcting the mismatch 
>between the singular form of the verb "is" and the plural noun "points". 
>  I, otoh, am not so generous.
>The sentence *should* have read:
>"Well, not to feed the troll, but there are a few relevant points in its 

I see marriage has *its* advantages...  :)

Actually, my post was a rather silly pun (think "It" by Stephen King),
and that is the reason I inserted a smiley.  I know that Alex was
correct.  It's my fault that I didn't make myself absolutely clear I was
joking (I firmly believe that the speaker/writer has the responsibility
to make themselves understood assuming good intentions from the side of
the audience --and good intentions are the norm here on clpy :).

Thanks for taking the time to reply, though!
TZOTZIOY, I speak England very best,
"Tssss!" --Brad Pitt as Achilles in unprecedented Ancient Greek

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