A newbie in more need....

Michael Hoffman m.h.3.9.1.without.dots.at.cam.ac.uk at example.com
Sat Oct 2 02:59:50 EDT 2004

Chris Patton wrote:

> The question being asked is why I would want a bunch of identical
> classes with different names. The classes will changed by certain
> circumstances created by the program.

That doesn't really describe what's going on. Why don't you tell us why 
this is needed (as opposed to one of the other solutions) in the context 
of what the program actually does, instead of abstracting it?

> You should also no that not only am I new to Python, I am fairly new
 > to programming as well.

I don't want to dissuade you from posting here, but you might find the 
Python tutor list helpful if you want a very gentle approach:

Michael Hoffman

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