ConfigParser shootout, preliminary entry

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Oct 23 16:46:24 CEST 2004

David Wilson wrote:
>     ConfigParser - Configuration file parser.
> The 'config' object you refer to does not appear to be implemented by 
> the ConfigParser module.

Ah, there's the conflict.  For the simpler stuff I'm picturing,
I don't have a *separate* parser which serves solely to
read the file and return the information therein in a form
that requires a different object to preserve and provide later
access to it.  I bundle those babies together so, in my mind
and despite seeing the name and reading your various comments
repeatedly, it wasn't clear to me that we were implicitly (?)
leaving out all other issues of configuration, leaving only
the tiny parsing bit.

My apologies for misunderstanding your point.


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