Is there a "Large Scale Python Software Design" ?

Andrea Griffini agriff at
Wed Oct 20 07:57:31 CEST 2004

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 21:18:46 GMT, Andrew Dalke <adalke at>

>I concur.  I've seen several C++ projects developed by one
>person which are bit higher than O(100,000) LOC (not SLOC).
>That's about the point where it beomes unwieldy for one person
>to maintain.

One of the parts that is going to be replaced by the new
project is currently about 130K lines of C and is indeed
being maintained by a single programmer. When discussing
the reimplementation and hence re-analizing what are the
solutions that made in during the years it has been clear
to me that that program is beyond the reasonable limit
(to many questions about why something has been done that
way or how a certain thing is used the maintainer replies
with "I do not remember" or "no idea, let's see", and
this even about parts developed by him).
Not surprisingly in the last period bug hunting has been
quite costly, and you can smell the fear (terror?) of

What is also IMO quite evident is that a *big* part of
those lines of code are just uninteresting minutiae that
wouldn't be present if coding in python.


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