Can't connect to MS Exchange (SMTP) from WinXP

Miki Tebeka miki.tebeka at
Sun Oct 3 05:35:14 EDT 2004

Hello All,

I can't connect to our Excahnge server using smtplib from a WinXP box.
Connection to the same server from a Linux box works.

The code:
from smtplib import SMTP
s = SMTP("our-mail-server")

Works fine on Linux but gives the following error in WinXP:
raceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\cygwin\tmp\smtpchk", line 5, in ?
    s = SMTP("our-mail-server")
  File "C:\apps\Python23\lib\", line 240, in __init__
    (code, msg) = self.connect(host, port)
  File "C:\apps\Python23\lib\", line 302, in connect
    raise socket.error, msg
socket.error: (10053, 'Software caused connection abort')

Any ideas?

Miki Tebeka <miki.tebeka at>
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