GPL and Python modules.

Tim Churches tchur at
Tue Oct 26 05:44:06 CEST 2004

Robert Kern wrote:
> It's still phrased as Linus's interpretation of what constitutes a 
> derivative work and what constitutes normal use of the GPLed kernel. 
> He's specifically saying that userland applications are not 
> derivative 
> works not "even though they are derivative works, they are 
> excepted from 
> the requirements of this license."

Yes, you are quite right. As you imply, it would be better if the Linux
kernel copyright holders provided a specific exemption to the derivative
works provisions of the GPL as it applies to the Linux kernel. It is
surprising that this has not been corrected by now. But we stray off topic -
unless GPLed Python (or other) code provides specific exemptions, any Python
code which imports that GPLed code also needs to be licensed under the GPL
or equivalent if that code is to be distributed to others.

Tim C

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