py2exe and CD-ROM ISO Level 1

Werner Merkl werner_DOT_merkl_ at
Thu Oct 28 13:45:17 CEST 2004


[still looking for a solution]

we have written a Python EXE program, which should run via AUTORUN.INF
from a CD/DVD (Windows of course).

For this CD/DVD we us a imaging tool from Microsoft, which seam to 
generate a pure ISO 9660 level 1 image.

This means:
  - Only upper case letters A-Z and numbers 0-9
  - 8.3 file names

For Python 2.2 and py2exe 0.4.1 this worked fine. Today, it does not.

  - Is there an option to generate a py2exe program with PYTHONCASE set?
  - Or do I need a wrapper? (My own C program, setting the environment
             and then starting the Python EXE program.)
  - Is there a tricky way to start up with code like
       "import OS as os"?
  - May I use my own case insensitive importer?
  - Or do I need to recompile Python?

Thanks in advance

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