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Sun Oct 24 06:36:24 CEST 2004

Jack Klein wrote:
> <bruno at> wrote in comp.lang.c:
>> Perhaps it would be interesting to program a virtual machine
>> simulating an ancient computer (such as the pdp-7). Then, it
>> would be rather interesting to code for it (porting gcc to it
>> maybe?). I think it would be fun to play with the long-forgotten
>> art of coding in machine language.
>> And what about a fictional computer, such as one that works on
>> an entirely different way (such as a non-binary computer)?
>> It wouldn't be very useful, but it wouold be a very fun and
>> very interesting thing to hack on.
> And what exactly does this have to do with the C language?  I
> suspect it is equally off-topic in comp.lang.python.

If he moves to alt.folklore.computers, he will find plenty of
people who have programmed such beasts, and even be on-topic. 
Follow-ups set.

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