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David Rush kumoyuki at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 11:49:12 CEST 2004

Ville Vainio <ville at spammers.com> wrote in message news:<du7fz5a8tte.fsf_-_ at lehtori.cc.tut.fi>...
> That's the whole problem with emacs - lack of resources. Nobody
> bothers do anything "seriously". 

And they do in the Eclipse world? Bah. I've just spent two weeks trying 
to come to terms with Eclipse. I couldn't even how to figure out how to
get brace-matching to work for a scripting language that is not supported
by the default distribution.

> And when people within the emacs
> community do things they pick bizarre ways of doing things, possibly
> because they are often Lisp lovers that like to "think different". 

It's not because Lisp-heads like to think different. It's because Lisp 
allows you to think differently. Programming for Emacs though is a bit 
of a different animal from most programming because of the basic data
model. When the goal of a program is (extensive) side-effects on a 
string things look a bit ... different. Just wait. Eclipse programming 
will go down this road by the time it reaches the level of maturity of
current Emacsen.

> Eclipse will no doubt take over. 

I do see the possibility, but the Eclipse community is going to have to
more eagerly embrace the non-Java world.

> Emacs might need a fresh start,
> but it's hardly likely; most probably a new project would be seen as
> further dillution of already scarce emacs resources.

The big problem is backward compatibility with the *huge* base of 
existing elisp code.

> Luckily we emacs fans still have hope in eclipse - 

How? I'm feeling awfully let down that the appearance of the Eclipse
community does not seem to match the reality.

david rush

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