Unexpected Python Behavior

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 1 14:30:45 CEST 2004

Andrea Griffini <agriff at tin.it> wrote:

> I didn't reply to Alex message because it's clear that he has
> a very personal problem with me (and ... no, I've no idea why).

I don't know why you started posting flaming attacks against me four
years or so ago (on Italian newsgroups on C++, where you were advocating
returning error codes rather than raising exceptions, and I the
reverse), but it was so blatant (you specifically accused me of
intellectual dishonesty, just like that, out of the blue!) that I
killfiled you -- and I remember a few days later somebody _else_ (who
actually agreed with you on the technical aspects of the discussion!)
was trying to point out to you that you were the one who had exceeded
the boundaries of good taste and indulged in uncalled-for personal
attacks.  We're talking years 2000 or 2001, not the dark ages, so I bet
Google Groups has everything in its archives if one just googles for
both of our surnames together.

Of course, I'm using a different newsreader now, with a different
killfile and all, and I wasn't reminded of that occasion until you
showed your colors again -- now, I see, by trying to accuse _me_ of
having mysterious personal problems with you, when each time the foam is
so evidently at _your_ mouth...

> My decision so was to stop feeding his hate and I ignored him;

Oh, I see, _that_ must be why you spewed so much venom in your post that
yet another "innocent bystander" felt it had to be condemned...!

Guess you deserve commendation for your consistency: four years ago you
said you were new to C++ yet had the arrogance to start personal attacks
and insults against me on the subject, now you say you're new to Python
and you behave identically -- my compliments.

Well, *PLONK* again, then, hopefully for good.


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