How do you write this in python

Ali alikakakhel3 at
Sun Oct 3 06:00:30 CEST 2004

I have the following webpage with a javasctript in it:

<title>Custom Objects Test</title>
<script language="javascript">
function PrintCard() {
line1 = "<hr>\n";
line2 = "<b>Name: </b>" + + "<br>\n";
line3 = "<b>Email: </b>" + + "<br>\n";
document.write(line1, line2, line3);
function Card(name,email) { = name; = email;
	this.PrintCard = PrintCard;
<script language="javascript">
ali = new Card("Ali", "alik at");
zainab = new Card("Zainab", "zainab at");


The script in this page, has a function (Card) that is used to create
an object with its own properties and methods (ali and zainab in this
script). I was wondering if this was possible in python.

If you have questions plz dont hesitate to ask. Please Help. Thank you

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