PythonCom equivalent on Linux!

John johng2001 at
Mon Oct 18 23:28:22 CEST 2004

> CORBA itself allows every activation model one typically wants:
> in-process, external-process, remote-host.

That I did not know. Thanks for the info. I will check PyOrbit. I
currently use omniORBPy and occationally Fnorb.

> If your main
> thrust is building the equivalent of ActiveX "controls" (components with
> a visual interface), and GTK/Gnome is acceptable to you, PyORBit and
> ORBit2 might suit you best, for example.

My main interest is not GUI controls. Just being able to make code in
any language available to any other language on the same machine
regardless of the types of languages (static/dynamic, bytecode/native)
since all languages are good in something than others. Also, I am
frequently frustrated as my language choices seem to be based on
availablity of libraries and tools rather than languages due to the
nature of my projects. So I would like to be able to write part of the
code in Python, part of it in Pascal and maybe some in Java and have
all talk to each other easily through some sort of interface.
Something like a DLL/SO or COM. CORBA seems to be the best bet so far.

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