[OT] Where to host an open source project? Sourceforge? Who offers Subversion already?

F. GEIGER f.geiger at vol.at
Sun Oct 10 14:36:28 CEST 2004

I'm considering going open source with a Python project of mine. Where
should I host the project best? I've often read people complaining about
Sourceforge, performance-wise at most. Are there alternatives?

I never could get acquainted with CVS. I like Suberversion, however, and am
using it now instead of SourceSafe (yep, I'm on Windows).

So the hoster should be able to offer access to a Subversion server.

I guess, most of you are on Sourceforge. So it cannot be that bad, right?
Are they known to plan to offer Subversion access?

Hmm, probably I had better asked, "where should I start my journey best?".

Any hint's welcome.

Many thanks and kind regards

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