Python in HTAs

Michel Claveau - abstraction méta-galactique non triviale en fuite perpétuelle. unseulmcmcmcmc at msupprimerlepoint.claveauPOINTcom
Mon Oct 18 00:41:31 CEST 2004

Hi !

I search also this solution : use Python in .HTA
There are a "active scripting" in PyWin (from Mark Hammond). But I had never
can use it.
I actually use Python via a COM-server, and I add, in .HTA, Javascript
scripts for dialog. It's playable (by COM, I can also pass, like parameter,
array in javascript like list in Python, it's fun).

But if you can to do better, I am very very interesting.

@-salutations (and sorry for my bad english)
Michel Claveau
mél :

PS : see, also, in the directory axscript, in pywin (site-packages) ; or the
file 'calc.htm'

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