itertools candidate: warehouse()

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Wed Oct 20 17:48:09 CEST 2004

Robert Brewer wrote:

> Peter Otten wrote:
>> Robert Brewer wrote:
>> > def warehouse(stock, factory=None):
>> Most of the building blocks for the warehouse() are already
>> there, but you didn't use them, oddly enough.
> Oddly enough, tee isn't in my version (2.3.2) of Python except as an
> example. ;)

Neither is warehouse(). But I get your point. 
And now, just for fun, a 2.3-compliant version:

>>> from itertools import *
>>> def peek(iterable):
...     it = iter(iterable)
...     try:
...             first =
...     except StopIteration:
...             raise ValueError("cannot peek into an empty iterable")
...     return chain([first], it), first
>>> data, first = peek("abc")
>>> first, list(data)
('a', ['a', 'b', 'c'])
>> after putting a copy of these recipes into your
>> site-packages. Why aren't they already there, btw?
> I'm not sure which particular recipes you mean (peek?). But in general,

Sorry that was confusing. I meant that the functions from the recipes page
in the documentation should also be available as a module in the
distribution, perhaps with a warning that they might change "without prior

> I don't write scripts for my own limited use; I'm writing frameworks,
> which shouldn't depend upon little recipes scattered hither and yon. :/

I think you're right. Sometimes, however, you have the chance to build the
higher-level stuff from those nifty itertools functions that do only one
thing, but fast. And that should be as much fun as the interpreter etudes
I've come to like.


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