Eric3 + Qt licensing [was Re: The IDE question]

Ville Vainio ville at
Mon Oct 18 14:46:56 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Ströder <michael at> writes:

    >> Incentive to change the OS mostly works for home users, it
    >> would have to be pretty damn convincing to make a corporation
    >> with standardized desktop PCs to make the switch.

    Michael> Again: This depends. I vaguely remember a study saying
    Michael> that benefits of Linux on desktop systems are highest for
    Michael> large corporations.

I can believe that, but it was not the issue. The issue is that an
individual Qt application that is only freely available on Linux
probably isn't going to be an incentive to change the desktop computer
infrastructure for the whole company. So in the end it means that the
application is not going to be used at all, which is a shame in the
case of a good application.

Ville Vainio

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