Python and C#

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at
Mon Oct 4 15:59:33 CEST 2004

* Al Christians (2004-10-03 15:49 +0200)
> If I get this to work well, next I want to make it easy for
> users to install and run the apps.  I haven't tried to
> package any python apps in about a year.  Which packaging
> package is better now for this -- py2exe, McMillan's, or
> something else?  I want the end-users with no python on
> their Windows machine to run a simple and non-descript
> installer and then be up and running with my app, no
> problems.

To my knowledge neither py2exe nor the McMillan installer offer
installers. Distutils offers a Windows installer but it looks in the
registry for the Python path. Try InnoSetup or th NSIS installer.

py2exe is easier to setup but McMillan offers more functionality.


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