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Thu Oct 7 15:05:49 CEST 2004

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| A voice mail system uses MAPI to pass a message to Outlook Express. 
| I can't change the MAPI call from the voicemail system.
| The voicemail system treats Outlook as a MAPI server.  
| Is there any support in Python to emulate this role?  

I was intrigued by the concept of a "MAPI server", since one
thinks of MAPI as being a sort-of hardwired protocol, rather 
than something involving a server. A couple of Google hits
later, I came across the Eudora FAQ at

which explains at


"When an application calls the Microsoft-provided MAPI libraries, 
the MAPI libraries direct the messaging requests to Microsoft 
Mail/Exchange. That is, the Microsoft MAPI libraries are hardwired 
to Microsoft Mail/Exchange."

It then goes on to explain that Eudora swaps libraries in and out
to be able to provide a "MAPI Server".

Having said all that, I seem to remember that Eudora is scriptable
from Python (or, at least, via COM). See, for example:

So it might be possible to set Eudora up as the MAPI Server
and then to script it via Python.


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