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Jeff Shannon jeff at
Thu Oct 7 00:30:04 CEST 2004

Daniel Ellison wrote:

> Jeff Shannon wrote:
>> That's always been my thought.  Another cliche phrase that seems to 
>> me to be used counter to its explicit sense is the exclamation, "Oh 
>> the humanity!"  The context always seems to suggest that it's being 
>> used to imply INhumanity...
> "Oh, the humanity!" is a direct quote from the radio host covering the 
> arrival (and subsequent demise) of the Hindenburg at New Jersey's 
> Lakehurst Naval Air Station in 1937. He was a bit perturbed at the 
> time...

Ahh, yes, now that you mention it, I do recall that -- I've certainly 
heard that recorded broadcast, I just hadn't made the connection 
there...  At least now I know where it came from, and that it's not 
(necessarily) just an ignorantly-parroted misspeaking.  (Though I do 
still find myself wondering how many users of the phrase realize that it 
*is* a misspeaking, nevermind how understandable given the circumstances...)

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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