[Python-mode] Recent python-mode updates

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Oct 22 19:29:59 CEST 2004

    >> For those who don't monitor python-mode checkins (does anyone? I
    >> doubt it),

    Barry> You're probably right, since AFAICT, python-mode checkin messages
    Barry> don't actually go anywhere.  Should I hook it up to syncmail and
    Barry> direct the checkin messages to python-mode at python.org (I really
    Barry> don't want to create Yet Another Mailing List for such expected
    Barry> low traffic).

I think that would be a good idea (+ syncmail, not another list).

    >> If you have any questions, please direct them to
    >> python-mode at python.org.  If you find bugs or have enhancements,
    >> please submit a ticket on the python-mode project at SourceForge.

    Barry> We should plan on a few things with python-mode, related to the
    Barry> Python 2.4 release.  We need to merge a stable copy back into
    Barry> Python's Misc directory.  Right now its got 4.41 while the
    Barry> current version in the python-mode project is 4.63.  We should
    Barry> also let upstream providers (the FSF and XEmacs folks) know when
    Barry> we've got a stable release for them to sync to.  Any thoughts on
    Barry> that?

The next XEmacs beta (21.5.18?) was just released, so we missed that train.
I imagine the xemacs-packages are released on their own schedule though.

I have a patch that's been given to me a few times I need to apply to
python-mode.el.  I'll try to take care of that over the weekend.  As for
distributing with Python or XEmacs, now that we have multiple files and both
Emacs Lisp as well as Python files perhaps we need to write a (shudder)
install script.  Also, some short user docs, probably in ReST format, would
be a good idea.  I have no idea how to use Ken's pdbtrack stuff, and things
like the new TAB cycling, while not all that magical, should still be


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