almost Flyton?

Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at
Sun Oct 24 13:48:22 CEST 2004

Laszlo went Open Source:

 From the description:
LZX is an XML and JavaScript description language similar in spirit to 
XUL and XAML. LZX enables a declarative, text-based development process 
that supports rapid prototyping and software development best 

The presentation server works on "J2EE application server or Java 
But it may become optional in a few months!

With Laszlo's new business model built on top of an open-source 
platform, we are now in a position to make the presentation server an 
optional component of a Laszlo deployment. Sometime over the next few 
months, we'll release a build that allows you to compile LZX files on a 
developer's machine, and post the resulting SWF to a Web server. The 
SWF in the browser will communicate with XML and media sources 
directly, with no intervening presentation (proxy) server. For many 
Laszlo applications, this will mean no need to install Java on the 
server, no need to deal with new servlets or test presentation server 

Now we only need a Python library to generate LZX... and Flython is 
born? ;-)


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