"Alien v. Predator" (was Re: Unexpected Python Behavior)

gmduncan gmduncan at swiftdsl.com.au
Sun Oct 3 11:39:34 CEST 2004

(Hopefully a humourous followup - click here to escape.)

Yup, I walked 5 ks into town today to watch the movie only to find the
cinema was closed. Grumble - trudge back home (avoiding swooping nesting 
magpies) to kick the cats and then browse c.l.p to relax (such a nice civilized 

And I see this - tusk, tusk.  Jeez these Mediterranean types know
how to perpetuate a feud. Make you wonder what their married life would be like   ;)

OOPs - just saw the clock; "The Godfathers" now on TV !


- Gary

P.S. Don't tell  mee which of these vicious critters won ( I'm talking about
this c.l.p exchange - I'll see the movie tomorrow and see that victor ;)

Alex Martelli wrote:
> Andrea Griffini <agriff at tin.it> wrote:
>>I didn't reply to Alex message because it's clear that he has
>>a very personal problem with me (and ... no, I've no idea why).
> I don't know why you started posting flaming attacks against me four
> years or so ago (on Italian newsgroups on C++, where you were advocating
> returning error codes rather than raising exceptions, and I the
> reverse), but it was so blatant (you specifically accused me of
> intellectual dishonesty, just like that, out of the blue!) that I
> killfiled you -- and I remember a few days later somebody _else_ (who
> actually agreed with you on the technical aspects of the discussion!)
> was trying to point out to you that you were the one who had exceeded
> the boundaries of good taste and indulged in uncalled-for personal
> attacks.  We're talking years 2000 or 2001, not the dark ages, so I bet
> Google Groups has everything in its archives if one just googles for
> both of our surnames together.
> Of course, I'm using a different newsreader now, with a different
> killfile and all, and I wasn't reminded of that occasion until you
> showed your colors again -- now, I see, by trying to accuse _me_ of
> having mysterious personal problems with you, when each time the foam is
> so evidently at _your_ mouth...
>>My decision so was to stop feeding his hate and I ignored him;
> Oh, I see, _that_ must be why you spewed so much venom in your post that
> yet another "innocent bystander" felt it had to be condemned...!
> Guess you deserve commendation for your consistency: four years ago you
> said you were new to C++ yet had the arrogance to start personal attacks
> and insults against me on the subject, now you say you're new to Python
> and you behave identically -- my compliments.
> Well, *PLONK* again, then, hopefully for good.
> Alex

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