Open Source License Question

Donnal Walter donnal at
Sun Oct 31 20:00:46 CET 2004

Robert Kern wrote:
> Donnal Walter wrote:
> [snip]
>> 2. Am I right in thinking that the license for FW will have little or 
>> no legal bearing on the licenses contributors choose for CApps?
> If the license you use for the framework is strong copylefted (e.g. GPL) 
> as opposed to weak copylefted (e.g. LGPL), then the license *will* have 
> a strong bearing on the license used for contributed apps.

This is not an exact analogy, but if Python were licensed under GPL (or 
OSL), would *all* programs written *in* Python need to have the same 
license? (My intuition says no, but I would not be totally surprised to 
find that my intuition is wrong.)

Donnal Walter
Arkansas Children's Hospital

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