PIL question - saving JPEG

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Mon Oct 11 04:11:38 CEST 2004

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at pythonware.com> wrote in message 
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> "news.west.cox.net" wrote:
>>I have a fairly simple Python program that uses Image and ImageDraw to 
>>create poll results on the fly.
>> Because PIL only supports 256 colors for GIF and BMPs are huge (in 
>> comparison)... I have opted to create JPEGs.
>> I have installed JPEG-6b and have checked to see that all of the 
>> libraries are in the correct, expected places.  But, I am still getting 
>> the following error.
>> IOError: encoder jpeg not available
> have you verified that PIL's build process was able to find and link 
> against
> the JPEG libraries?  here's how to fix this in 1.1.4 and earlier:
>    http://effbot.org/zone/pil-decoder-jpeg-not-available.htm
> for 1.1.5, setting the JPEG_ROOT variable in the setup.py file should do
> the trick.  see comments in that file for details.
> </F>

Thanks for the link.  However, after completing the list of changes, and 
reconfiguring, remaking, rebuilding and reinstalling... still no luck.

I will try again tomorrow when I have regained a little bit of patience.  If 
there are any other links like this one out there I would love to give it a 
shot too.

Thanks for any help.

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