Database Connectivity

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Wed Oct 6 10:14:44 CEST 2004

Dennis Lee Bieber <wlfraed at> wrote:
> > >I want to develope a simple Database connectivity program with python.
> > >I want to use MS Access as a backend.
>       Access, itself, is merely a GUI builder front-end. You are
> likely using M$ JET as the database engine.

Amen!  People keep making this mistake over and over and over again.
Access is a product Microsoft sells; Jet is one they give away for free;
etc, etc -- how CAN it be so hard to distinguish?!

> > accessed by many users at once.  PostgreSQL is a much more powerful
> > alternative, and version 8.0, coming soon, will run natively on 
> > Windows.  Of course, it is not as "user friendly" in the sense of having
> > pretty GUI tools, but since it sounds like you will be writing the GUI
> > in Python anyway, this may not matter.
>       Other options: If one doesn't need full capabilities (just data
> tables and selects), MySQL... The former SAP-DB, now packaged as "MaxDB
> by MySQL"... An off-shoot of Interbase 6, Firebird.

...and if one MUST use a Microsoft engine (in some workplaces that's a
political necessity, disgusting as it may be), *at least* use MSDE, the
"Microsoft Data Engine" -- freely downloadable and redistributable
version (without GUI chrome) of the MS SQL Server small edition
(designed for no more than 5 connections at a time -- still better than
Jet, designed [if that's the word] for no more than _1_, ideally 0;-).
[[I believe you need a license of MS VStudio, Office, or other such
products, to enjoy the free license to MSDE legally -- check the details
out on Microsoft's site]].  MSDE may not be anywhere as good as the
others you're listing, but it sure beats Jet hands down!


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