using re: hitting recursion limit

Dennis Benzinger dennis.benzinger at
Wed Oct 27 13:46:01 CEST 2004

"Erik Johnson" <spam at> wrote in message news:<417eab49$1 at>...

> [...]
>     Yeah, so this is a known problem, and sure enough, if you run this
> example, it will crap out as shown above.  I tried to build 2.3 from sources
> before and ran into other funky problems. When I get a standard SuSE
> distribution, I will upgrade to 2.3. In the meantime, I'm running 2.2.
> [...]

Perhaps you can wait a bit and directly upgrade to 2.4 with the new
regular expression engine.
Read more on in the "New or
upgraded modules and packages" section.

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