Fwd: [Python-Dev] Strawman decision: @decorator won't change

andresm xv0017python at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 20:19:35 CEST 2004

Peter Otten wrote:

> I took the freedom to forward GvR's mail concerning decorator cosmetics.
> I think you should know about it.
> Peter
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> Subject: [Python-Dev] Strawman decision: @decorator won't change
> Date: Wednesday 15 September 2004 23:46
> From: Guido van Rossum <gvanrossum at gmail.com>
> To: Python-Dev <python-dev at python.org>
> Anthony Baxter asked me for a pronouncement on whether @decorator will
> change to use some other character instead; I kept this open as a
> possibility before 2.4b1 (which is tentatively scheduled for Oct 7th).
> Given the near-complete silence following my rejection of the J2
> alternative proposal, I don't expect there to be a massive popular
> movement to change the character, but I admit I haven't looked for
> responses outside python-dev.
> Let's plan on doing the following. If in the next 7 days there's no
> indication that some group of users wants to rally for a different
> character, the decision to keep @ is made final on Sept 23. To change
> the character, somebody will need to start rallying for a different
> character, and be able to show signs of significant support by that
> date.
> The definition of "significant support" is intentionally left open for
> interpretation, I'll review the evidence on the 23rd.
> --
> --Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

i realy like the @ sintax, i am a newbie , btw

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