python ides

Chris S. chrisks at
Tue Sep 21 22:36:00 CEST 2004

kevin wrote:

> just try it, =)

Aside from being proprietary, how is WingIDE different from SPE 

 > full callback tip

SPE's got that.

 > autocompletion support

SPE's got that.

 > if the ide doesnt know what type is the object(cause of dinamic 
 > can still use code assist, for example :
 >  def myfunction(unknowntype):
 >     unknowntype.  ????
 > and you know that unknowntype is a Cookie instance, then type ' Cookie. '
 > and you will get the assistance


 > complete code-object browser

SPE's got that.

 > and finaly ,a super complete debuger , with support for plone/zope ,
 > wxwindows and a lot of advanced options.

I'll give you this one, this I don't think SPE has a traditional 
"debugger". Although to be fair, I've never needed one for Python.

SPE also integrates with WxGlade and Blender for Gui design and 3D design.

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