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Tue Sep 14 22:54:02 CEST 2004

Hello, dear dear clp.

The idea was bugging me, so I decided to code it:

webGobbler is a small program which gobbles random pictures
from the web and mixes them (This is inspired from 'debris' and 'webcollage'.).

Think of it as some kind of "art", an attempt to capture the chaos
of the human activity, which the internet is a partial and subjective
snapshot of.

webGobbler is a simple command-line program which spiders the web, collect
images and assembles them in various ways.
The images can be used - for example - as a desktop background changer.
The image continuously evolves as new pictures are superposed.
You'll never get the same picture twice.

A screensaver is also planned (when I have time - *sigh*).

The program is written in Python and requires the PIL library.

This is perfectly useless, but I had fun creating this.
You will find documentation, samples and source code here:

Feel free to give it a try.
This program is distributed under the zlib/libpng opensource license.

Critics, comments and ideas are welcome !

Best regards.
Sebastien SAUVAGE
sebsauvage at sebsauvage dot net

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