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>Chuck Dillon wrote:
>>> abridgement of
>>> civil liberties (as in the Patriot Act and the Gitmo gulag),
>> [...] How many U.S. citizens have been victimized?  
>That's the problem -- we have *no* way of finding out, because part of 
>the Patriot Act is a gag rule that prevents the public from knowing how 
>it's used.  It *may* be a small number, and we'd all like to think that 
>it is, but we really don't know.
>> How many dead U.S. citizens does it take to justify that 
>> victimization?  Both numbers are quire small.
>Here there's a lot of room to disagree -- it's a tragedy when U.S. 
>citizens are killed, but it's an even greater tragedy when the entirety 
>of the U.S. loses its freedoms in the name of "security".

Okay, that's it!  Tell me what freedoms you have lost.  Be specific.
No sound bytes and no rhetoric parroting allowed.

I really want to know.  People keep saying this but never say which
freedoms have been lost.

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