Inline Conditionals?

Martin Maney maney at
Sun Sep 5 18:46:22 CEST 2004

Michael Hudson <mwh at> wrote:
> Joshua Ginsberg <joshg at> writes:

>> Is there any plan to include inline conditionals in Python? For example:
>> def isNegative(x):
>>       return x < 0 ? True : False

> Read PEP 308, and note that this was probably the largest flamewar in

BTW, is there ever going to exist the promised summary of the reasons
the PEP was rejected despite a 4:1 vote favoring it?  It was a fine bit
of sophistry for the BDFL (or whoever ran the thing) to split the
supporting votes so that it looked like there was a lack of consensus
on substantial issues rather than the superficial difference of taste
that actually made the discussion so... active.  I've been wondering
ever since how that would be spun in the final apologia.

The dualist evades the frame problem - but only because
dualism draws the veil of mystery and obfuscation
over all the tough how-questions  -- Daniel C. Dennett

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