python vs c#

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Mon Sep 20 03:46:54 CEST 2004

On 2004-09-20, julio <julioperezsosa at> wrote:
> Istvan Albert wrote:
>> go away, troll
> Nice argument.

An accurate one though, but I'm feeling bored.

> And my the facts are not just about ides, as i mentioned in the original
> mail. Is people so close minded to resist change ? things change , is
> human's nature to resist the change. 

What are you advocating for?  Better IDEs, or abandoning python? You've
complained a lot, but you have not really said much about how the people
who use python should change.

But why are you so closed minded to resist the possibility that many
people find python to be *a* solution for the problems that *they*

I mean, if you don't like working with python, go forth, find a language
you love, marry it, and make lots and lots of happy programs.  Why
complain about the relationship other people have with their favorite
programming languages? 

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