socket function that loops AND returns something

Michael Sparks michaels at
Thu Sep 16 12:40:53 CEST 2004

Bryan Olson wrote:
> Different servers have different needs, but when in doubt use
> threads.  Threading on the popular operating systems has
> improved vastly in the last several years.  Running a thousand
> simultaneous threads is perfectly reasonable. 

If you want code to be portable this is false, and I'm amazed to see
this claim on c.l.p to be honest. It's a fairly good way to kill a
fair number of still well used OSs.

Just because a handful of OSs handle threading well these days does
not mean that you will end up with portable code this way. (Portable
in that you get the same overall behaviour - not the simple concept
of the code running)

_Small_ numbers of threads are very portable I would agree, but not

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