Chris S. chrisks at
Sun Sep 19 11:11:45 CEST 2004

Wilk wrote:

> "Chris S." <chrisks at> writes:
>>Is there any benefit to Pickle over YAML? Given that Pickle is
>>insecure, wouldn't it make more sense to support a secure
>>serialization format, one that's even readable to boot, such as YAML?
>>There's even a pure Python implementation at
> There is others advantages using yaml instead of pickle anyway
> (portability, readability...) 
> Syck is even faster than pickle i think.

I agree completely, although I've been surprised by the general lack of 
interest around here. You'd think a more secure, portable, and readable 
serialization format would be welcomed with open arms, yet most of the 
comments I've read past and present have been almost hostile.

> But all theses projects seems to sleep...

Can you blame them from the lack of interest? No good idea goes 
unpunished... Ironically, YAML borrows key ideas from several languages, 
including Python.

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