Announcing PyCs, a new Python-like language on .Net

Peter Kleiweg in.aqua.scribis at nl.invalid
Wed Sep 1 22:43:06 CEST 2004

Jeremy Bowers schreef:

> Basically, all the *really* cute Py* names are taken. I'd recommend doing
> something that cleanly separates you from Python, and then just note the
> descendance. The farther you are getting from an implementation of Python,
> the more true this becomes. I think you will actually come to regret the
> association if you make it too strong, as people will get ideas about your
> language from the association, then be upset about the language when it
> doesn't meet their expectations. Better to start fresh.

So, no PythonScript then?

There are quit a lot of people who think JavaScript and Java are
the same thing, if not at least remotely related.

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