Announcing PyCs, a new Python-like language on .Net

Michael Geary Mike at
Thu Sep 2 20:25:25 CEST 2004

> Peter Kleiweg <in.aqua.scribis at nl.invalid> wrote:
> > There are quite a lot of people who think JavaScript and
> > Java are the same thing, if not at least remotely related.

Martin DeMello" <martindemello at> wrote:
> Whch is sad, because javascript is actually a much nicer
> language than the 'java' part of its name would suggest :)

Indeed, JavaScript has much more in common with languages like Python and 
Ruby than it does with Java.

But even the supposed experts get this wrong. I was at a talk that Danny 
Goodman gave on scripting languages, and one of his slides said "JavaScript 
is Java without the gnarly bits."

I've never heard a more profound misunderstanding of JavaScript. <sigh>


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